Visiting Cuba In 7 Days

As mentioned here, 7 days is a short time to visit Cuba. If this is your first time in Cuba and you still want to try to see as much as possible of the great beauty the Island has to offer, you have the option of concentrating your visit in a few key places that we point out below.
Be aware that you will have to take on some long internal travel. While you will probably be a bit tired at the end of this trip, it is equally true that you will be overwhelmed by the emotions and leave Cuba with a great desire to return as soon as possible.


YOUR PROFILE: you have decided to visit Cuba in 7 days, but what kind of traveler are you?

  • Adventure traveler: if your profile is that of a traveler with great curiosity and a spirit of adaptation, this itinerary is for you.
  • Leisure traveler: with the necessary adjustments in terms of type of accommodation, transportation solutions to deal with internal transfers and level of catering, this itinerary is also suitable to be experienced by a leisure traveler.


TRIP THEMES: What trip themes should you prioritize to savor the essence of Cuba in 7 days? This itinerary is designed to allow you to combine a plurality of themes, such as

  • historical-architectural heritage
  • art music and intangible culture
  • unspoiled nature
  • tropical beaches
  • customs of the people and social organization.


GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Which area of Cuba should you visit in 7 days? In consideration of the time available, we suggest concentrating the visiting area in the western quadrant of the island, in the triangle that includes La Habana, Viñales and Trinidad.



DESTINATIONS: which itinerary to visit Cuba in 7 days? The itinerary we propose winds through 3 must-see destinations:

La Habana: the capital of Cuba, a bewitching city with its even painful contradictions and its timeless charm.

Viñales: a fantastic place to admire an absolutely unique landscape and experience the rural dimension of tobacco cultivation and the production of Cuba’s finest cigars.

Trinidad: an enchanted town, a triumph of colonial architecture and marked by a unique atmosphere.


ATTRACTIONS: what attractions will you be able to see while visiting Cuba in 7 days? Let’s look at the type of attractions you will be able to encounter in each of the destinations that make up the suggested itinerary:

LA HABANA: Even considering the economic and social difficulties of the post covid period (link), Havana is still a top tourist destination where visitors can find:

Architecture, History and Heritage: La Habana not only has the historic center, which, with its colonial architecture and fortifications, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also a wealth of monuments, museums and gems to be discovered in less-traveled corners of the city.
◊ Art and Culture: La Habana has a rich daily schedule of exhibitions and cultural events, dedicated to Cuban and international artists.
◊ Beach: The nearby beaches of Santa Maria del Mar, Tarara and Playa Jibacoa, while not the most famous in Cuba, are perfect for spending a day in front of a Caribbean-colored sea.
Nightlife and Movida: Havana has a wide variety of concert halls, discos (which they call bars here), festivals and private parties. With our Personalized HH’s List we help you navigate and choose how to spend your evening in La Habana
Food and Drink: For several years now, there has been a great variety in La Habana’s catering offerings, and cocktail bars, reaching good levels of quality. In addition, some locations are truly extraordinarily impressive. In our HH’s List you will find a selection of our favorite venues in La Habana, organized by category and location.
Local productions: in addition to traditional local products, such as cigars and ron, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the achievemen◊ts of up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the fields of artistic crafts and fashion.


VIÑALES. By visiting Viñales you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an unparalleled landscape in which to enjoy:
Unspoiled nature: the beautiful Viñales Valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Local productions: the finest tobacco plantations and cigars in all of Cuba
Beach: on a day trip, you can visit the beautiful beaches of Cayo Jutias and Cayo Levisa
Social organization: the rural life in a timeless dimension, the often non-automated techniques of agricultural production.


TRINIDAD. The fairy-tale village of Trinidad is a real gem, offering you the following attractions:
Architecture, History and Heritage: the historic center, with its colonial and neo-baroque architecture, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
Unspoiled nature: the Valle de Los Ingenios, with its ancient sugar cane plantations, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, Trinidad is close to the majestic Topes de Collantes Natural Park, which flanks the Sierra del Escambray mountain range
Music, Art and Culture: live music is part of Trinidad’s urban fabric and helps give it an offbeat atmosphere.
Beach: just a few minutes by cab from the center, you can spend a few hours on the pleasant Playa Ancon or Playa Maria Aguilar. As an alternative, there is the more exotic catamaran excursion to Cayo Iguana.



ACTIVITIES What can you do while visiting Cuba in 7 days? Since you don’t have much time, you’ll have to make choices from a wide range of activities. Here are which ones.

LA HABANA These are the activities you can do in La Habana:
◊ City walks
◊ Visit Museums / Monuments / Historic Buildings / Parks
◊ Panoramic tours by classic car
◊ Nightlife and entertainment
◊ Gastronomic tourism
◊ Contact experiences with local artists or professionals
◊ Courses in dance, music, and sports or arts practice
◊ Shopping

VIÑALES These are the activities you can do in Viñales:
◊ Horseback riding tours
◊ Trekking
◊ Farm visit
◊ Tasting cigars and other typical products
◊ Zip line – canopy

TRINIDAD Instead, these are the activities you can do in Trinidad:
◊ Historic architectural tour
◊ Concerts and street music
◊ Trekking
◊ Horseback riding tours
◊ Catamaran tours
◊ Zip line – canopy

Of course, you can configure the itinerary according to your needs. Contact us here if you would like to try our bespoke travel design service and get our support in defining your customized itinerary and selecting your accommodations and on-site service providers.



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