How Havana is changing, between reality and fantasy 


Today, Havana is a magical place where you can see multifarious dimensions and so many oddities, contrasts, contaminations and contradictions that sometimes it would be hard for you to distinguish reality from fiction.
You shouldn’t be surprised, then, if you meet characters coming from another world and wandering around the city with the same curious and amazed air that looks someone asking himself « what kind of place is this ?»

It’s a bit like what happens to the Mickey Mouse starred in « Hace Falta » video, in which the singer-songwriter RaúlPaz offers an original, respectful and sensitive reading of the changes that are taking place in Cuban society and especially in Havana.

Already in his first two songs that make up the « Trilogy de los Muñecos », ie « Ven Ven » and « No me digas que no », Raúl Paz had started this particular project aimed at giving an original representation of today's life in Cuba.

A complex and multidimensional life, where reality and fantasy coexist and mingle. And where daily life and dreams are living in a parallel world.

Although he is originally from Pinar del Rio, Raúl Paz has a very deep connection with Havana, which prompted him to return to the Island and settle in the Capital after his long (15 years) and successful professional and life experience in Paris.

Eclectic author, with a classical music background, Raúl Paz soon finds his creative inspiration for re-interpreting the traditional Cuban music in a modern way, very fusion oriented. In his songs we find traces of Cuban Son, Trova, Salsa, Pop Music, Latin Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic Music.

In 2010, Paz sublimates his love for Havana in Havanization song, in which he expresses the spiritual needs of his return and reproduces the multi-sensory and emotional experience that feel those who walk the streets of Havana

Even in 2010, as a further tribute to the city, Paz gave us the first ever flashmob made in Havana, realized on the Gente song notes and in collaboration with UNICEF.

Among his many pieces, there are a few that are irresistible to us:
• Mulata
• Mua Mua Mua
• Nadie Sabe
• Le temps passe
• 25 años
• Carnaval

In 2017, Raúl Paz has promised to publish new tracks, which we look forward.

In the meantime, in order to find out if any Raúl Paz concert is scheduled during your stay in Havana, go and see the section not to miss

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