Buena Fé to be performing a great concert at Estadio Universitario in Havana on March 17. 

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By hip-havana.com


Attending a Buena Fe live performance is always a really exciting experience.

Their audience is very very warm and it's quite normal to find yourself surrounded by thousands of people singing their songs from the beginning to the end of the concert.


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It's even hard to imagine, therefore,  what a great atmosphere will be offered by the crowd attending the concert that will take place tomorrow night in the impressive setting of the Estadio Universitario in Havana.


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It will be the greatest event of the new album "Sobrevivente" promotional tour, that will include several concerts in Cuba and abroad.  


sobrevivente 600 


And, last but not least, it will be completely free, and this not only for university students but also for every Buena Fe fans who were not able to find a place in the three concerts that were held at Havana Teatro Karl Marx at the beginning of March.


estadio 600 


Everything is ready for the concert. Don't miss it,  it's gonna be unforgettable!


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