How To Enjoy Havana Like A Celebrity


Where do Celebrities go when they’re visiting Havana?

Since Havana is very trendy today, we may give you a quite long list. 




But we prefer focusing on two symbolic places, where you can spend a pleasant evening following the footsteps of the celebrities who have recently visited them.



Ambience, interior décor packed with Cuban antique objects and award-winning cuisine are the distinctive features of this restaurant located on the ground floor of a Centro Habana ancient building



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It is one of the places most frequently chosen by the foreign heads of state and governments, including Barack Obama who dined there with his family during his 2016 historic visit.


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To keep memory of the event, Obama family’s table has finally been converted into a small museal corner named "El rincón de Obama"


But not before being occupied by the Kardashian’s clan that made a much less protocol visit of the city two months later the former USA President. 



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Many other artists and celebrities have been spotted there, including Naomi Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi, Beyoncé with her husband Jay-Z and also Mick Jagger in 2016, when the Rolling Stones held their mega concert in Havana.



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It’s the most famous restaurant in Havana, and doubtless the most romantic place in town, with its intimate atmosphere and great charm.


Famous thanks to the movie Fresa Y Chocolate (Silver Berlin Bear at Berlin International Film Festival in 1994), it’s now a truly must-see attraction for anyone visiting Havana.


Sometimes, even just for taking the ritual picture on the famous steps, like every celebrity did during their Havana tour.

Here is Rihanna


At La Guarida, Madonna celebrated, in un unforgettable way, her 58th birthday 



The wolrd-renowned  Dj  David Guetta has recently celebrated there his wedding anniversary with the Cuban model Jessica Ledon.



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Among the other eminent guests, let's mention the actors Robert De Niro, Nathalie Portman and Ana de Armas, the top model Heidi Klum and the Canadian premier Justin Trudeau.



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The terrace of the restaurant, which can also be enjoyed for a cocktail, offers a remarkably impressive view of Centro Habana, with the Malecon in the background.


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