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You definitely do have many different ways to enjoy your trip in Havana:

1. You can visit the city as a tourist, seeking for the most known attractions and trying to take advantage of the highest quality standards that Havana can offer. In that case, booking a travel package from a tour operator will be the best option for you.

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If you are travelling in a small group with family and friends, once in Havana, you can buy a guided tour organized by a reliable international or even local tourist agency.

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2. If unexpected events do not bother you, you can discover Havana as an adventure traveller. In that case, you will discover the city without a set plan and will bump into the fascinating surprises this marvelous city never ceases to give you.

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You could spend a lot of time seeking places, could get a bit confused by the local transportation system, and probably won’t see all the cool attractions but you certainly won’t forget any single moment of your trip.

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 3. Or finally, you can decide to visit La Habana not just by seeing it but by feeling it and living it as locals do. This is actually what corresponds to the modern concept of experiential travel

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What is an experiential travel? It is an immersive experience in a local context that has to do with many aspects like food, transportation, social life, education, sport, art, fashion and so on.

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For many years, some visitors of Havana have tried, in an informal way, to establish cultural or professional exchanges and a stronger relationship with the local population. What has been encouraged by the natural curiosity and kindness of Cuban people.

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This phenomenon has increased in an exponential way, becoming more and more requested. Nowadays, travellers interested in this sort of vacation are well assisted thanks to the services offered by several tour operators.

One of the latest actors that really understood the potential of this sector is Airbnb, the famous online marketplace and hospitality service broker. Since November 2016, Airbnb is offering Experience packages in Havana, given by a local host, to travelers with a passion for art, food, fashion, sport and many other cultural or social fields.

What are the services offered by Airbnb in Havana:

  • Tours
  • Peer Reviews
  • Workshops
  • Behind the scenes programs 

This is an interesting solution for the visitors, who can cultivate their passions and interests  while in vacation, but also a business opportunity for the local hosts that can offer a service thanks to their professional skills.

See Airbnb experiential travel proposals in Havana in April:

Hip Hop Chronicles

Fabric of the city

La Salsera

Bohemia Cubana


On the other hand, if  you need a custom made program based on your passion or your professional interests,  you can CONTACT US.

We have a great network in Havana with high qualified experts specialized in different areas that go from music, photography, fashion, classical or traditional folkloric dance, literature, plastic art, painting, showbiz, event planning and other specific categories.

Send us an email indicating your field of interest and your expectations and we will get you in touch with our experts in town!




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