Varadero, Yes Or No?

Not sure whether to include Varadero in your stay in Cuba? Let’s see together if it’s worth it.

What is the Best Time to Go to Cuba?

Find out what are our favorite months to travel to Cuba.
If you are looking for climate tables and time series of average temperatures and monthly rainfall, you are in the wrong place.

We want to make it much simpler, based on our experience and giving some practical advice.

Visiting Cuba In 7 Days

7 days is a short time to visit Cuba. If this is your first time in Cuba and you still want to try to see as much as possible of the great beauty the Island has to offer, you have the option of concentrating your visit in a few key places that we point out below.
Be aware that you will have to take on some long internal travel. While you will probably be a bit tired at the end of this trip, it is equally true that you will be overwhelmed by the emotions and leave Cuba with a great desire to return as soon as possible.

How Many Days To Spend In Cuba?

What is the minimum number of days to spend in Cuba?
Cuba is very rich in attractions of different types: the sea, tropical nature, modern and contemporary history, colonial architecture, tangible and intangible art and culture, popular customs, and social organization.
With such a wealth of options, how not to get lost? How many days must one devote to a trip to Cuba to have the feeling of having tasted at least some features of its essence?

Money And Payments In Cuba, 2023

The current system is quite complex: despite the recent monetary unification, there are two types of currency in Cuba, one physical and one digital, and most importantly there are different exchange rates.